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Almost all of the pictures shown on this site were taken with a succession of Pentax Digital SLR cameras -- a K100D, K7, K5, and now a K3 Mk II. These have proven to be very reliable cameras and have survived some fairly extreme weather and temperatures completely unscathed. I also prefer Pentax because their DSLR cameras and lenses are more compact than some other brands due to their slightly smaller sensor size, and this reduces the weight I'm carrying by more than a kilogram. That might not seem like a lot, but by the end of a 12 hour hike, I certainly appreciate the difference.

Up to August 2011, I used a Pentax DA 18-55mm lens for most shots, while a few of the long-range shots were taken using a Pentax DA 50-200mm lens. More recently, I have been using a Pentax DA 18-135mm lens. This is a good general purpose lens and has allowed me to avoid carrying extra lenses most of the time.

I have scaled the pictures down to keep the bandwidth usage of this site within acceptable limits. Many of the full-size images look fantastic on the large screen that I have at home, so I can assure you that any faults in the images on this site are entirely due to the photographer, rather than the equipment.